The Dialogue Package

You take the first step

  • Book 2 webinars.

    The first webinar will ensure you starting a dialogue concerning ethics and limits for harassment behavior.
    The follow-up webinar will ensure you dive into what options are available and what next steps to choose from.

    When you want inspiration and ideas for solutions

    What you will experience
    • Real life inspiration from the experience and handling of MeToo cases
    • Insight for what MeToo means legally and practically for HR
    • Knowledge on roles and responsibilities at different management levels
    • Started discussing dilemmas, social culture, and image
    • Started a dialog leading to a common understanding of your situation and options for action
    • Received input to start a plan and process for MeToo prevention
    • Understanding of the overall impact of MeToo on leadership values and recruitment ability
    • Reflection on elements you need to consider before moving on to the next step: action (see the process package)