Dilemmas in the workplace

When behavior is not on the agenda, and you lack the language to talk about perception of unethical behavior

Typical dilemmas

In some workplaces, handling of a MeToo scenario, is already part of the existing disciplinary process, and there is a well-developed support system in place to help manage the situation.

But in other workplaces, it might be the opposite. Without support and expertise, these scenarios can cause great human misery for the people involved, create insecurity among colleagues, bring damage to your recruitment ability and company's image, impact the company's economy, etc.

Learn examples of typical dilemmas while watching our experts. Remember, dilemmas can be solved – if you seek professionals like us, who have efficient methods and specific experience.

Meet the experts behind Navigate MeToo

In these videos, Vibeke Hartkorn and Johnny Hassinggaard Jensen talk about some of the typical workplace dilemmas.

Are MeToo scenarios different from other personnel matters? (video in Danish)

Are we prepared to prevent MeToo scenarios? (video in Danish) 

Do we really need a toolbox for MeToo scenarios? (video in Danish)

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