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We offer you the latest knowledge on preventing #MeToo, sexual harassment 
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Meet us at Diversify Nordics Summit 2023

September 28 Navigate Metoo is a 

Collaboration Partner at the Summit.
Meet us when we debate as a panelist 

and participate in a workshop discussing topics on strategies to prevent harassment in the workplace.

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Navigate Metoo's conference - meet the leading companies within harassment prevention strategies.

The Navigate Me Too conference focused on prevention initiatives from companies developing and implementing strategies for inclusion, anti-harassment, healthy workplace ethics and strong corporate culture. Speakers from International Facility Service ISS, International Biotech company Novozymes, Tele giant TDC and Finance banker Nykredit inspired up to 50 participants from a number of Denmark's largest corporations and SME companies. See the summary of the key take aways in the slideshow below.

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