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Is there a generational gap? 

Yes, according to Bjarke Oxlund, researcher on gender, equality and body culture at the University of Copenhagen. Read his perspective on the debate and hear Camilla Møhring Reestorff, Associate Professor of Culture and Media at Aarhus University, thoughts on the topic in this interview with

Framework for socializing in the workplace

Several of the political parties in Denmark have developed rules of conduct for socializing. You can read one of them in Danish here:

Do you know the difference?

Do you know the difference between sexism, sexual harassment and offensive behavior? Mille Mortensen, researcher on abusive behavior in the workplace at the University of Copenhagen, explains the differences in this interview with

#MeToo has hurt women in the workplace - high-powered men are now scared of mentoring women.

In this article, Daniella Greenbaum Davis highlights the fearful impact the #MeToo campaign in the US has had on powerful men. She points out that some men are now withdrawing from business dinners, mentoring sessions, and similar situations if younger women are attending. Read the interesting statistics and Daniella's personal conclusion.