The Anchoring Package

Anchor your prioritized initiatives and prevent MeToo.

  • Book tailormade support and advice sessions.

    When you are implementing initiatives and look for guidance and advice to achieve anchoring

    What you will experience: 

    • Webinar that ensures aligned dialogue and understanding of strategy and options.
    • Analysis giving you an overview of your preparedness and recommendations for actions.
    • Online/ in-company workshop developing themes and opportunities you to choose from.
    • Online/in the company workshop anchoring the prioritized themes with relevant target groups. 
    • Online/in-company workshop with our MeToo dilemma game, determining the above/below the line culture in your company, leadership methods and dialogue exercises.

    What you get from the anchoring package:

  • The same elements as in the process package: dialogue, analysis, theme prioritization and execution focus, practice in solving real-life MeToo cases.
  • Training in MeToo: dilemmas, strong leadership methods and dialog exercises