The Process Package

You put action behind your words

  • Book 1 webinar + pre-analysis. 2 workshop days + anchoring strategy.

      When you want to: 
      Develop content and ideas, achieve sparring and execution focus.

    What you will experience:
    • Webinar ensuring open the dialogue about your ethical point of view, and we look at options for actions.
    • Analysis giving you an overview of preparedness and recommendations for strategy.
    • The process begins- Workshop online/in person: themes and plans are developed. 
    • Workshop online/in person: themes are prioritized, and execution focused.

    What you will achieve from the process package
  • The same elements as in the dialogue package: Facilitation of dialogue and options for actions.
  • Analysis of where the #MeToo compass stands in your organization: social culture, attitudes, expectations, preparedness status
  • Solving real-life MeToo cases as an exercise = learning how to handle MeToo correctly
  • Strategy for a prevention plan
  • Roles, responsibilities, and processes in harassment cases
  • We will come back when you have developed the new initiatives, and challenge and support you in implementing and executing before the next step: anchoring (See the anchoring package)